No Smut
A bad day

She walked into the room wearing the clothes she had on at work.

I was sprawled lazily on the couch surfing porn, and in just that moment was fixated on the image of a nubile naked woman with cum dripping from her face, or at least dishwashing detergent, or whatever those porn websites use to simulate it.

"The fuck?? Why weren’t you picking up your phone?? Too busy looking at porn? You are really trying my patience ever since you’ve been unemployed…"

"Listen. This is the easy part of your day. I thought we had an agreement."

"No, you listen… Duh, I love you, but can you maybe think of me for one moment. Work sucked today, and I wanted to call you and commiserate with you, but apparently you were too fucking occupied looking at your porn girls!"

"So what is the crime? You’re here now, you know my proclivities… Yeah, I’ve been looking at strange women’s tits, but it’s not like I was torturing animals or voting Republican or something. Besides, we had an agreement."

"Oh whatever…". You walked towards me and distractedly unzippered my pants. "Is this what you want? Gee, I only hope I can do it better than your fucking porn girls!"

"Okay." I looked at you, and took your face in my hands. I already felt like an asshole, so I figured that at least I could keep on going. I thought that I had known you long enough to read you closely in these kinds of situations, but maybe it was a lazy conclusion that I had drawn. Maybe I was just flattering myself, and you had been pretending all along even to enjoy things that I had suggested.

I took my cock out of my underwear and guided your face towards it, as I coaxed you into kneeling down. “That’s a good girl, take it in your fucking mouth…”

You began to break up and laugh… “What the fuck? I can’t believe you… you’ve been watching so much porn lately that you think I will just suck you off at the slightest indication that you are horny?? God, you are such an ass.”

I became somewhat more forceful with my gestures. I grabbed your face again and looked at you sternly, or as much as I could pretend to look stern in just that moment. “Listen bitch, shut the fuck up and suck my cock.”

You obeyed my directive pretty much instantaneously, which to be frank, surprised me. I knew in that moment that I was being an asshole and that I was pushing the envelope. But something kept me pressing on. “Wait, stop. Take off your pants. I don’t want you to be giving me a blowjob unless you’re in your underwear.”

You looked at me, hesitatingly at first, but then unbuttoned your pants and removed each leg, as awkwardly as anyone ever does while removing their pants. Truth be told, you were a goddess to me, and it was killing me to act the role of an asshole towards you, but the fact that this approach had been time-tested and had served to get you hot on previous occasions, (not to mention the little matter of my own selfish desires) served to encourage me further.

"Good girl, that’s it. Now I can see those hot little hips and ass that I like to fuck."

I could make out that you were visibly blushing, which seemed slightly strange to me, given that we had been dating for over three years and had always been fairly open about our proclivities in the bedroom. In any case I was glad to see that; it only worked to turn me on more.

"Take you shirt off, too."

"Goddammit, what the fuck is your problem? Do you remember that I was having a shitty day at work? Are you really this fucking obtuse??"

"Take it off. Unbutton it. I don’t want you to give me head unless you’re in your underwear. It’s not fair otherwise."

You gave me a crooked smile which let me know that just maybe I wasn’t pushing things too far. When you crouched back down again over top of me, I noticed that you were purposefully arching your back so as to show off your ass to me, which confirmed for me that I hadn’t pushed you too far. Our agreement was still intact, apparently, and was still valid for you. I decided to push further.

"Get on that dick. That’s a good girl. Suck that cock like a good little bitch. Prove to me that you’re better than those porn girls that you’re so jealous of… prove to me that you’re better at sucking cock than your friends… prove to me that you’re better at sucking dick than the women you went to high school with… "

You grazed my cock with your teeth for a fraction of a second that made me think that maybe, yeah, I was pushing it. But subsequently you seemingly lost yourself in the act, and bobbed up and down on me like my pleasure was the only important thing to you in the moment. You moaned as you brought me closer and closer to coming. I would have enjoyed it even more, but all I could think about was how I might be able to make you come harder for me, and what the best strategy of letting you know that we should move on to some other dirty acts might be…

The Blowjob

“Mmm, yeah, suck that dick,” I encourage you, as you at first casually (but then in short order greedily) go to work on my knob. You are positioned over me, your hair available for me to push my hands through as you attend to your task of sucking me, of pleasuring me in this particularly naughty way. It occurs to you that there is no way of performing this act without it looking like you are engaged in doing something very dirty. Intermittently you look up at me as my cock becomes increasingly lubricated by your saliva. I find it difficult to ascertain whether your eyes are communicating love, lust, a desire to please, a yearning for approval, or some combination of those things. After a while you start to moan softly as you continue to take me in.

“Mmm, good girl…“ I drag the syllables out so that it sounds like I am in fact talking to a young girl that is under my charge. “Do you like having your little whore mouth filled up with my cock?” You attempt to emit an “um-hmm” response as you savor the feeling of my hard dick crammed inside your mouth, pressing against your lips, pressing against your tongue, and at times finding its way back far enough for the head to nudge up against your soft palate, and to begin to enter your throat.

You feel intoxicated with the sensation of having such an intimate part of yourself being stuffed with such an intimate, and dirty part of me. As your pussy continues to get more wet with your sucking and slurping and initial attempts at swallowing me, you can’t believe how something which might, if worked out on paper sound so violatory and almost literally suffocating, is turning out to feel so overwhelmingly and deliciously sexual in the moment. You feel inspired to go even more in the moment— to go a little deeper as your head bobs down on my cock, to let yourself gag on me a little just for the pure nastiness of it, to slurp even more messily so that there is no doubt in my mind that you want to be a little whore for your man.